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OUR History

Groupe Somac is a family business that opened its doors to the public in early 2011. Founded by Ms. Sophie Labelle and Mr. Yannick Veilleux, the firm has remained true to its core values: offer the finest products in its market and provide the best customer service possible. Inspired from the start by this vision – shared by all – it has established an outstanding reputation in the Shelters – All Types sector, including solariums, landscape shelters, canopies and even carports. Backed by a young, creative team involved in day-to-day management, Groupe Somac stands out from the competition by offering a custom-built design for each project, regardless of the architecture and complexity involved. What’s more, all its products are of unequalled solidity and uniquely designed. To keep pace with rapid sales growth and respond to demand, we had to move into new facilities after only one year in business in order to triple our operating area. Our Mirabel plant enables us to quickly and efficiently meet all needs. We design and build Tendal shelters, Solto roof systems and decorative panels. Supported by a network of experienced distributors, we offer our Tendal and Somac products throughout Québec.


Yannick Veilleux, President

Yannick has vast experience in the converting and installation of aluminum products, railings, glass and other products. Since 1955, his family has owned manufacturing businesses in the door-and-window, glazing, fence and railing sectors. He has also held managerial positions in such major firms as Intrawest, SAQ, Tim Hortons and Mars.

Sophie Labelle, Director of Operations

Sophie has over 17 years’ managerial experience in the production and logistics sector, both in Canada and internationally, with Weston and La Petite Bretonne. Her expertise in complex operations contributes greatly to the firm’s growth management.


Our mission is simple: Offer the most complete range of outdoor products in the form of shelters of all types that are of the highest quality possible to stand up to our four seasons. This in order to fully meet our clients’ outdoor design and storage needs while guaranteeing them unmatched comfort. In short, we aim to provide the most solid and durable shelters on the market, thereby creating a bond of trust with our clients because our success is based on their satisfaction.

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