Delivery and receiving policy

You must be present to receive and verify your order and to sign the receipt for your Tendal or Solto product. Charges may apply if you are not present and we must hold onto the merchandise for later delivery.

Important information about receiving your order

Upon receiving your order, be sure to verify the condition of each part and the quantity with our deliverer, who will have you sign a receipt. It is important not to store the polycarbonate in the sun or the rain. Store it in a dry place out of the sun. When you have finished installing the polycarbonate sheets, kindly remove the protective coating (after sealing your silicone joints). Ensure that the side exposed to the sun is indicated on the protective coating as the external side. On the polycarbonate use only the silicone supplied with your roof because you risk damaging it if you use another product. It is also important to walk on the aluminum moulding (the joints) and not directly on the polycarbonate sheets in order not to damage their surface. The polycarbonate is to be washed using only water or a soft soap such as dish soap. Do not use a strong product or ammonia-based product. The same applies to the aluminum.

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