Can I get up on the roof of my Solto ?

Yes, but it’s important to walk on the aluminum moldings (joints) and not directly on the polycarbonate sheets so as not to damage their surface.


How should I maintain my polycarbonate roof ?

Polycarbonate should be washed only with water or with a soft soap such as dish soap. Do not use a strong or ammonia-based product. The same applies to aluminum.

How should I maintain my veranda windows ?

For best results, your windows should be cool prior to washing, i.e. not exposed to heat (the sun or another source). Also ensure that any dust and sand or grit is removed from every part of the surface. To do so, it is recommended you use a soft vacuum brush.

Our spring-loaded windows can be easily removed from their tracks. Simply wipe the glass using a soft cloth and a mix of lukewarm water and a soft detergent such as Woolite. Do not use a bleach-, chlorine- or ammonia-based cleaning product.


How should I store my polycarbonate sheets before my shelter is built ?

It’s important not to store polycarbonate where it will be exposed to the sun or the rain. Store it in a dry place out of the sun.

Must I be there when my Solto is delivered?

You must be present to receive and verify your order, as well as sign the delivery receipt for your Solto.


If I’ve made a mistake during assembly

Don’t worry – there’s a solution. Contact us in writing.

If I’ve damaged a polycarbonate sheet while handling it

If the sheet is not perforated, you can still use it. Otherwise, we have in stock products that we can ship to you (product and shipping charges apply).

If I’ve built my wooden structure for a 12 ft. x 12 ft. shelter but ordered a roof for a 12 ft. x 14 ft. shelter

All our parts can be modified. You can cut your pieces to the desired size.

If I’ve lost some screws, should I order more from you?

You can find replacement screws at your local hardware store. Be sure to use stainless steel screws that won’t rust.

If I have a problem during assembly, how should I go about asking my question?

Take a photo illustrating the problem and e-mail us an explanation to services@solto.ca
We’ll respond to you within 24 hours.

If I’ve assembled my shelter and would like to add flyscreens or windows

Take down your dimensions (hole openings) and e-mail us your requirements. A representative will contact you to take your order.

Want more information on our products ?

Or simply ask a few questions about our company ?


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